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Edigal s.l. is today a consolidated company within the electricity sector, especially in protection and measurement.
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  Headquartered in Pontevedra, and delegations/offices all over the Iberian Peninsula, Edigal s.l. focuses its main activity in the manufacturing and marketing/sale of electrical protective equipment, measurement and control.

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Certified by AENOR with the SYSTEM OF MANAGEMENT OF QUALITY ISO 9001:2008

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Street lighting

aDara, the evolution of LED lighting.


Cubic serie. Staffs for two-track traffic lights.

Two-track traffic light set, made of carbon steel with 3mm thick and the dimensions
approximated are 6m high and 4 m horizontal-arm (3m flight)...


Smart Metering

A home's point of contact with its power utility is its smart meter or teleprocessing device. A smart meter and the tele-processing platform in which it is embedded assure higher speed, effectiveness and user friendliness in the relationship between the power utility and its customers.

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Actual Installations    
Example of actual installations of the Teucro and IO series