aDara, the evolution of LED lighting.

Double heatsink system made ​​of anodized aluminum. Main structure: aluminum alloy
extruded and anodized. Closure: tempered glass printed on the top. Opaque / transparently at
the bottom.
Optical: led CREE with multi photomerics standards adapted to the differents external requirements.

Lifetime : more than 50.000 h

Power: 60w/100w (double plaque of 30w / 50w).

Main structure and temperature diffusers made of aluminium.

Led plaque of 30/ 50w
Closure stamped with tempered glass.
Upper temperature diffuser.
Principal temperature diffuser and coupling of grasses/lens.
Indoor tempetarure diffusor.
Ability to use with vertical staffs to the floor or horizontal coupling to the wall.

Adara (2,1 Mb)