Comercial Port
Proposed marina design commercial for Navia estuary. Location: Navia estuary mouth.
Audiometry Cabinet
Studio lighting and furniture design for cabinet audiometry.
Audiometry Cabinet
Studio lighting adaptation audiometry cabinet furniture for shopping centers.
Main hall
Studio lighting, furniture and finishes work areas.

Master bath
Studio lighting, furniture and finish for bathrooms.

Dressing-gym Lighting simulation and finish dressing room and gym. Master bedroom
Studio lighting, materials, furniture and finish for bedrooms.
Distribution in closet
Design, development and simulation of furniture tailored to customer requirements and needs.
TROLL chandelier lamp
Simulation of indoor furniture. TROLL Study Lamp.
Handrail materials simulation Study design and furnishing finishes. Bathroom and bedroom
Studio lighting, furniture and materials for bathrooms.
Outdoor furniture for public spaces
Design and development of outdoor furniture booths for shopping malls, airports, train and metro stations, public spaces ...